ON THE COVER OF THE MAY & JUNE 2021 ISSUE A trio of Mattel Dolls in Uniform to celebrate Memorial Day. Allan (1964) is wearing the Army uniform. Ken with painted brunette hair (1962) is wearing the sailor ensemble, and Ken with painted blonde hair (1962) is wearing the Air Force uniform. These costumes were offered as a complete set of three, #797, in 1963. Photo courtesy of Theriault's. See the Patriotic Dolls article by Stephanie Strunk Baker, in this great issue! INSIDE THIS SPECIAL ISSUE, Articles Include: Five Babies - And They're All Alike, Dionne Quints; Patriotic Dolls; A Subscriber Shares, Clowns and Jesters; A Mother's Day Story, Mother/Daughter Dolls; Japan's Girls' Day Doll Festival Today; Still More About The Elite World of Dolls; Crochet: Ophelia, Donna Raye's Doll; Sewing: A Pair of Victorian Boots; 27th Annual Creatin' Contest Winners; Original Paper Doll, Stacey Speaks; Movement in Toys, Jumping Jacks. Plus all our other regular columns. If you are a Doll Collector THIS issue is a must in your library. Many interesting articles, patterns and projects. Order Your Copy Today! Another issue too good to miss!

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