ON THE COVER OF THE MAY JUNE 2022 issue: 19" Ringmaster by Schoenhut, from their deluxe "Manikin" series of 1915. All original doll is wearing factory-made original costume depicting a circus Ringmaster and was likely a promotional or special commission doll. All wooden carved portraying a slender-bodied adult man, carved socket head, painted brown hair. Spring jointed at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. A swivel ball joint at the waist. Photo courtesy of Theriault's. INSIDE THIS SPECIAL ISSUE, Articles Include: Here Come the Brides, Part I by Dorita Alice; Playmate Toys' Baby So Beautiful Dolls by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Leeann's "Wedding Party", crochet pattern of Michelle Crean to fit Leeann or any child-body small doll of approximate 11" size; Tips and Tricks to Make a Fun and Functional Laundry Room for the dollhouse by Fran Casselman; Legend of the Bluebonnet - The Story and the Dolls by Mary Berry; Ruth Gibbs' Godey Little Lady Dolls by Mary Berry; Original paperdoll, "Fashion Queen Barbie Doll Wedding Trousseau" by Don Meindl; 2021 Second Chance Dolls; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls by R. Lane Herron; An Unconventional Day, A Visit to a Doll Festival in Italy, by Jane Easterly; Dolls on Paper Collectibles by Gina Clarke; Schoenhut Showcase by Theriault's in support of the From The Files article featuring vintage Schoenhut advertising; "Nancy Ann Graduates", sewing pattern by Jeannie Sieg for graduation cap and gown for Nancy Ann Storybook Doll; plus all the other regular columns. If you are a Doll Collector THIS issue is a must in your library. Many interesting articles, patterns and projects. Order Your Copy Today! Another issue too good to miss!

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