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Dolls for Sale

2008 Limited Edition Doll Castle News - "Castle Crafter Ginny"
by Doll Castle News and Vogue Doll Company

"Castle Crafter Ginny" was designed by Doll Castle News’ own Dorita Mortensen, Editor and Diana E. Vining, Assistant Editor. She is 8 inches tall, with gorgeous long auburn hair and gray-green sleep eyes. She is dressed in a charming shimmery peach dress / smock, handmade by Dorita Mortensen. She carries an orange felt bag to carry her crafting supplies. A total of 36 of 36 limited edition dolls were sold. Please check back here for details on our next limited edition Doll Castle News doll!

Books for Sale

by Dian Zillner
Over 520 photos of dolls made of bisque, celluloid, cloth, composition, metal and wood by Kestner, Armand Marseilles, Geubruder Heubach, Kathe Kruse, Lenci, Horsman, Ideal, Effanbee, Louis Amberg & Son, Schoenhut and others. Includes World War I related, comic and celebrity, boudoir and pincushion dolls, with vintage advertisements and current prices. Softbound, 8 ½” x 11”, 176 pages.
$29.95   Qty 

DOLLS & ACCESSORIES OF THE 1930’s and 1940’s
by Dian Zillner
100s of dolls and accessories made during the 1930s and 1940s by Alexander, American Character, Arranbee, Dewees Cochran, Effanbee, Eugenia, Georgene Novelties, Horsman, Mary Hoyer, Ideal, Monica, Nancy Ann Storybook, Vogue, and many others, in composition, cloth, rubber and painted bisque, all with full descriptions and current market values. Hard cover, 8 ½” x 11”, 192 pages.
$39.95   Qty 

THE PATTI PLAYPAL FAMILY: A Guide to Companion Dolls of the 1950’s
by Carla Marie Cross
Patti and the Playpal Family of life-size dolls with their original outfits and play sets, along with the other “life-sized” composition dolls of the 1960’s. Finer points like original hair colors, hair styles, and outfit variations are finally documented in over 250 color photos, original catalog and television advertisements, and valuable collector information, including the prices they command today. Softbound, 8 ½” x 11” with 160 pages.
$29.95   Qty 

by Edward R. Pardella
The Shirley Temple Doll continues to be the champion of the doll industry. In this book, beautiful color photos present a nostalgic gallery along with original doll advertising and publicity shots from the movies. The chronology of Shirley Temple’s motion pictures is an important reference. Softbound, 8 1/2” x 11” in size, 144 pages with 390 photos, this is the Revised & Expanded Second Edition.
$29.95   Qty 

by Sean Kettelkamp
History of Mattel talking dolls, documenting the famous dolls that were the rage of the 1950’s – Chatty Cathy, Chatty Baby, Beany Boy, Matty, and Barbie, to name just a few. Color photographs illustrate the adorable dolls, their clothing, accessories, even the talking mechanisms. Values included. 8 ½” x 11” in size, 148 pages with 241 color photos, soft cover.
$24.95   Qty 

by Myra Yellin Outwater
Advertising got personal when dolls were created to carry the messages home. This comprehensive book traces the emergence of hundreds of advertising dolls like stuffed Aunt Jemina and Betty Crocker, and chronicles the extraordinary rise in popularity recently of those like Ronald McDonald or the California Raisins. Values provide the perfect reference tool for the collector of dolls or advertising. Soft cover, 8 ½” x 11” in size, 160 pages with 498 color photos.
$29.95   Qty 

by Jan Lindenberger & Jennifer Bowles
Hundreds of Strawberry Shortcake doll items are treasured by collectors. This memorabilia celebrates friendship and kindness. Strawberry Shortcake products are featured in this conveniently-sized guide with pricing information. Softbound, 6” x 9” in size, 192 pages, 637 color prints.
$16.95   Qty 

by David O’Neill and Janet O’Neill Sullivan
Rose O’Neill’s charming and highly collectible Kewpie image is on dolls, tableware, lamps, candlesticks, inkwells, clocks, jewelry and much more. Includes early Kewpies in bisque, chinaware and metal, and more. Captions provide measurements and values. Softbound, 8 ½” x 11” in size, 160 pages with 545 color photos.
$29.95   Qty 

by Linda Edward
Cloth dolls from their ancient ancestors to present day examples. Over 500 illustrations and explanatory text provide the most comprehensive study guide for this area in doll collecting. 8 ½” x 11” with 176 pages, soft cover.
$29.95   Qty 

by Nancy N. Schiffer
This book groups Indian dolls according to their geographical origins, including Iroquios, Seminole, Cheyenne, Navajo and Eskimo Indian along with early photographs of the people and places they represent. Also Skookum dolls, which were made as commercial items, are presented. 8 ½” x 11” in size, 112 pages, 150 color photos, soft cover.
$19.95   Qty 

ENCHANTED FRIENDS: Collectible Poohs, Raggedies, Golliwoggs & Roosevelt Bears
by Dee Hockenberry
This book highlights these lovely toys that have inspired artworks, beloved stuffed toys, licensed products and interpretations and other books. The color photographs in this collector’s guide show the tremendous variety of material that can be found relating to these characters. Hardcover, 8 ½” x 11”, 160 pages.
$29.95   Qty 

by Constance Eileen King
This book traces the chronology of Jumeau production from the 1840’s through the late 19th century. Color pictures show the beauty and different moods of the faces, are accompanied by text that provides collectors with important and interesting information. Jumeau marks, and historical list of international prices and sizes included. Hard cover, 8 ½” x 11” in size, with 119 pages.
$24.95   Qty 

by Jan Lindenberger
This newly revised guide (Second Edition) to Raggedy Ann and Andy collectibles documents the dolls themselves as well as the books and other products that Johnny Gruelle’s lovable creatures have inspired. Softbound, 6”x9” in size, it contains 515 color photos and price guide.
$19.95   Qty 

by Joyce Rinehart
Color photographs depict previously unpublished dolls and related items. For the first time, creative “concept Raggedys” are covered in depth, and Raggedys dressed for the holidays also make their appearance. Volland, Georgene, Knickerbocker, and Applause collectors will welcome the sections provided to help them date their dolls. Softbound, 8 ½” x 11”, 200 pages, 729 color photos and price guide.
$29.95   Qty 

by Susan Ann Garrison
Revised, 4th Edition. A color pictorial history of over 500 Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls, including history of the dolls, companies that manufactured them, and many collectibles, coloring and story books, games, puzzles, and more. Softbound, 8 ½” x 11”, 144 pages with 300 color photos plus price guide.
$19.95   Qty 

by Carmen Varricchio
Enjoy more than 400 Barbie®, Crissy, and Dawn-size dolls haute couture outfits from “mod” to “new wave”. Shown in pristine condition, in unopened original packaging with current market values. A gem for collectors and designers alike. Softbound, 8 ½” x 11” in size, with 192 pages containing 438 color photos.
$29.95   Qty 

by Hillary Shilkitus James
The Complete & Unauthorized Guide to Vintage Barbie® Dolls with Barbie® & Skipper® Fashions and the Whole Family of Barbie® Dolls. A required resource for all Barbie® collectors, the revised and expanded second edition of this ideal reference book features more than 150 new images and updated prices. Now over 400 beautiful color photos illustrate this complete listing of Barbie, her friends, and their many outfits and accessories, through her vintage years from 1959 to 1972. Soft cover, 8 ½” x 11”, 160 pages.
$24.99   Qty 

by Jan Lendenberger
In 1983, Cabbage Patch Kids dolls inspired a nationwide craze inviting children to “adopt” their very own Kid. Of course, parenthood is a real responsibility – a new baby needs toys, clothing, diapers, and countless other items! Here is a full-color price guide for the vast array of merchandise surrounding the Cabbage Patch Kids, which are becoming as collectible as the dolls themselves. Softbound, 6”x9”, 160 pages.
$16.95   Qty 

by Jan Lindenberger with Judy Morris
The many varieties in 60 specialty lines made by three major U.S. toy companies (Coleco, Hasbro, Mattel) and many foreign companies (including Jesmar, Tsukuda, Tri-Ang Pedigree, Lili Ledy) in the 1980s. Over 750 color photos with descriptions and pricing information. Softbound, 8 ½” x 11” in size, 176 pages.
$29.95   Qty 

by Jan Lindenberger with Judy Morris
Follow the Cabbage Patch Kids license through the 1990s with the full line of Kids produced by Hasbro from 1990-1994, and all the Mattel Kids produced from 1995-1998. Included is an excellent 85-photo reference for head molds used throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. There is also lots of valuable information about Koosas, fakes and altered Kids. Soft cover, 8 ½” x 11”, 176 pages.
$29.95   Qty 

by Dian Zillner
Over 400 catalog, magazine, and trade ads for dollhouses, furniture, and accessories, 1880s-1980s. Companies represented include Arcade, Meccano, Lines Brothers, Schoenhut, Strombecker, Wisconsin Toy, Rich Toy, Keystone, Converse, Tynietoy, Renwal, Marx, Plasco, Ideal, Playsteel, Built-Rite, Nancy Forbes and Tootsietoy. A wonderful resource for dollhouse collectors seeking to identify and date items. Soft cover, 8 ½” x 11”, 144 pages with 209 color and 220 black & white photos.
$29.95   Qty 

DOLL JUNK: Collectible and Crazy Fashions from the ‘70s and ‘80s
by Carmen Varricchio
A compendium of not-exactly-gorgeous doll getups from the 1970’s and 1980’s and the dolls who wore them. Over 800 color photos vibrantly display downgraded dolls and their fashions from around the world. Most outfits and dolls shown in their original packaging. Softcover, 8 ½” x 11”, 176 pages.
$29.95   Qty 

*Shipping and handling: $4.50 for first book, $2.00 for each additional book in same shipment.

NJ residents add 7% sales tax.
Doll Castle News Most Current Back Issues

The following themed issues of Doll Castle News are available for purchase as back issues.

September & October 2020 - Dolls From the World of Advertising by Mary Berry; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls, Part XXVII, by R. Lane Herron; Three Cheers for Us (Terri Lee) by Glenda Kitto; Beginnings of our Peter Pan Series by John and Susan Wright; Celebrating 15 Years of Leeann; The Musical Doll June & Julie by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Need A Little Nursing Care? Dress a Nancy Ann Storybook Doll as a Nurse (w/pattern); Crochet pattern: Tricky Treat Tote and Hat for Leeann by Michelle Crean. Original paperdoll Happy Doll-O-Ween by Rachel Cohen. On the cover: Characters from the Peter Pan Series by R. John Wright.
Order SO20   Qty 

July & August 2020 - All Together Now … Let’s Make Music by Dorita Alice; A Time to Celebrate! (Terri Lee) by Glenda Kitto; Beauty and the Beast Dolls (Part 2) by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Marching On, Dolls and 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage by Mary Berry; Make a Becassine Pillow Doll for Your Bleuette by Diana Vining; Celebrating 15 Years of Leeann; Exceptional European Dolls (Part 2) by Claire Shefler; 12” Demonstration Betsy Ross Doll instructions; Crochet pattern: Simple Sunday Sundress for Leeann by Michelle Crean. Original paperdoll “Our Band” by Victoria Christopherson. On the cover: Terri Lee Majorette Style comparisons.
Order JA20   Qty 

May & June 2020 - Doll Makers Are Dolls, Too by Mary Berry; About Grace Marie; Beauty and the Beast Dolls (Part 1) by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Rachel Hoffman: Expanding the Doll World, One Click at a Time by Diana E. Vining; Update on Helen Kish, Kish & Company; Celebrating 15 Years of Leeann; Laurie Leigh and Her Beautiful Doll Faces by Dorita Alice; Fifty Years of Friendship & Fun by Jane Easterly; Pattern: “A Simple T-Shirt” for Leeann and her friends by Denis Bastien; The Sanchez Family by Eleanor Schiller; Crochet pattern by Michelle Crean: Summer Sunset Cute Skirt & Blouse Outfit for 5” Chubby Baby Doll. Original paperdoll: “Ma Petite So Chic” by Helen Kish. On the cover: Virtual Doll Convention Grace in Royal Opera by Robert Tonner.
Order MJ20   Qty 

March & April 2020 - Making Dolls For Others – More Like Play Than Work by Sandy Lockwood; Celebrating 15 Years of Leeann; The Ukrainian Motanka, A Doll Without a Face by Mary Berry; From the Scrapbook by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls, Part XXVI by R. Lane Herron; Archives article – Shirley Temple Memorabilia; Original crochet pattern by Michelle Crean: Happy Birth, Doll Castle, to fit Leeann; Western Shirt For P91 Toni (pattern and instructions) by Jeannie Sieg; Ten Year of Christmas Joy – Second Chance Doll Ministry. Original paperdoll: “Iryna”, Ukrainian paperdoll by Tracy J. Williams. On the cover: Italian felt child doll, series 110, by Lenci with “Pinwheel Costume”.
Order MA20   Qty 

January & February 2020 - Dollhouses: Childhood Play, Adult Pleasure by Mary Berry; Celebrating 15 Years of Leeann; From the Scrapbook: Paper dolls that came with Dollies, Doggies and Dollhouses Too; The Artistry of Susan Scogin by Diana Vining; Exceptional European Dolls by Claire Shefler; Memory Canine Companions – Handmade With Love by Tammy Hendricks; Baby Dear & Her Other Dear Baby Friends by Diana E. Vining; Dolls With Dogs; Leeann’s “Snowball” Hood and Scarf crochet pattern by Michelle Crean; Showing Off Street Style by Jane Easterly; DAR Doll Display in Pensacola, FL; Pattern by Denis Bastien, “A Fun New Bodice” for Leeann and her friends. Original paperdoll: “Petula” Canine Fashionista by Valerie Keller. On the cover: A “Leeann Montage” to begin the 15th Anniversary celebration.
Order JF20   Qty 

November & December 2019 - Made In England, Dolls from The House of Nisbet by Mary Berry; Cinderella: From Fairytale to Favored Dolls (Part 2) by Stephanie Baker; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls by R. Lane Herron; Theriault’s Marquis Doll Auction; Creating a Miniature Outdoor Brick Fireplace; Celebrating Barbie’s 60th; One Hour Slippers knitting pattern by J. MacKinnon; Madame Alexander and Her Cinderella Story by Marsha Hunter; Cowgirl Outfit for Toni pattern by Jeannie Sieg; The Clock Struck Twelve by Jessica LeBar; Toys for Boys by Adele Floyd; Original paperdoll “Noelle” by Andrea Helen Smith. On the cover: Native American dolls of Peggy Nisbet.
Order ND19   Qty 

September & October 2019 - Cinderella: From Fairytale to Favored Doll by Stephanie Baker; 35 Years of Ginny Paper Dolls; The Doll As Art: The Masterpieces of Nina Tugarina by Mary Berry; Memories, a Peek at the Past Brings Joy to the Present by Beth Nance; Bringing Your Dollhouse to Life with People & Pets; Subscribers Share Their Cinderella Dolls; Halloween Theme by Francine Brunet; Miniatures As Therapy; Princess Dress knitting pattern by Jo MacKinnon; Speaking of Unmentionables by Shari Fuller; Fire-Flies Golden Age of Dolls Annual Convention; Original paperdoll “Aschenputtel” by Melissa Pepe. On the cover: 1966 Poor Cinderella 12” Lissy courtesy of Theriault’s.
Order SO19   Qty 

July & August 2019 - Summertime Barbie® Fashions; Playmates Little Cousins Dolls by Stephanie Baker; Furnish Your Dollhouse in Style with Do-It-Yourself Furniture Kits; Indestructible Playthings: The Metal Head Dolls by Mary Berry; Poodle Skirts, Sock Hops and Juke Box Fun by Dorita Alice; It’s Worth What? by Phyllis Guerrero; Celebrating Barbie’s 60th; Marvelous Dolls in Manton, Michigan by Claire Shefler; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls by R. Lane Herron; Lime Cooler Smock & Short Set for 15” soft-body doll, crochet pattern by Michelle Crean; Morgantown 2019 by Linda Ocasio; A Royal Affair at Nancy Ann West Coast Gathering by Rebecca Lowell and Lynn Leatherman. On the cover: “Nifty Fifties” classic 1950’s style poodle skirt Barbie courtesy of Marianne Bertoni.
Order JA19   Qty 

May & June 2019 - Playroom Companions: Patti Playpal and Friends by Mary Berry; Land of 10,000 Sashas, The 2018 Sasha Festival by Charla Neal; Camping With Barbie by Stephanie Baker; How to Create Do-It-Yourself Wood Window Blinds; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls by R. Lane Herron; Buttercup Nightie for Fashion Dolls crochet pattern by Michelle Crean; Celebrating Barbie’s 60th; Original paperdoll “Barbie With Vintage Outfits” by Don Meindl. On the cover: Three re-dressed 1981 Patti Playpals, known as “cookie cutters”, from the collection of Regina O’Neill.
Order MJ19   Qty 

March & April 2019 - The Doll Making Artistry of Tom Azuma by Elizabeth Sturgeon; Mission Trip Dolls by Sandra McKaig; Miniature Contest Japanese Potting Shed; Sharing My Dolls by Mary Berry; A Collection of Friends by Leeann; “Spring Set” pattern for Leeann and Friends by Denis Bastien; The Smart Doll by Beth Nance; A Subscriber Shares; Blanket & Pillow for Fashion Dolls crochet pattern by Michelle Crean; Those Mod and Colorful P. M. Sales Dolls by Stephanie Baker; Celebrating Barbie’s 60th; Why Collect Dolls? by Mary Berry; Original paperdoll “Louise” by Diana E. Vining. On the cover: Leeann surrounded by dresses made for her by various collectors.
Order MA19   Qty 

January & February 2019 - Baby Sandy, Universal Pictures’ Wonder baby by Mary Berry; Celebrating Barbie’s 60th; The Lady Dolls of Luigi Furga of Italy; Pandoras – Little Ambassadors of Fashion by Shari Fuller; A Subscriber Shares; Miniatures in 3d Print Technology for your Dollhouse; Precious Dolly Gems by Diana E. Vining; World-wide Wooden Dolls by Claire Shefler; 18th Century Pocket pattern; Original paperdoll “Julia, a Polish Wood Doll” by Victoria Christopherson. On the cover: “Jagna”, a 32” one-of-a-kind doll by Zofia and Henry Zawieruszynski.
Order JF19   Qty 

November & December 2018 - More Than Just a Pretty Face, The German Dolly by Mary Berry; Theriault’s Provenance Doll Auction; Gerber® Baby Dolls Through the Years, Part 3 by Stephanie Baker; Collectors Enjoy Ginny Event; Wardrobe Dolls by Adele Floyd; Mid Twentieth-Century Dolls and Their Furniture by Claire Shefler; How to Make a Holiday MiniScene Ornament; Winter Wonderland Doll Scarf crochet pattern by Michelle Crean; A Romper for Leeann and Her Friends pattern by Michelle Keener; Paper Dolls Included in Nativity Exhibit; From Trash to Treasure, A Nun Story by Evelyn Sanders; Still More About the Elite World of Portrait Dolls by R. Lane Herron; Original paperdoll German Child Doll of 1930’s by Patricia Corte Rooney. On the cover: Celestial Musician® and Angel Serenade® by R. John Wright.
Order ND18   Qty 

September & October 2018 - A Trip Down Memory Lane With Dolls from the Comics by Mary Berry; Gerber® Baby Dolls Through the Years Part 2 by Stephanie Baker; A is for Annabelle (and Alexander) by Mary Berry; Sew A Fall Outfit for 10” 1973 Gerber Baby pattern by Nancy Grebner; Camp Fire Girls and Dolls; Local Senior Citizens Display; Create A Fall Fairy Pumpkin miniature project; The Madame Alexander Doll Club National Convention; Fall Doll Display Ideas; Puddle 2018 – The Spell of the Sea; Original paperdoll “Annie Goes to School” by Anne K. Donze. On the cover: 19th century wax dolls Jean Qui Rit and Jean Qui Pleure courtesy of Theriault’s.
Order SO18   Qty 

July & August 2018 - Gerber® Baby Dolls Through the Years by Stephanie Baker; Beauty and Diversity: The Legacy of Pauline Bjonness-Jacobsen by Mary Berry; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls by R. Lane Herron; Two By Two Clothespin Dolls, Sarah and Sally; Create a Recycled Summer Outfit to fit My Size 38” Fashion Dolls pattern by Nancy Grebner; Vermont Toys Made by Joel Ellis and his Partners by Claire Shefler; Tote Bag and Matching Bandana for 18” Dolls, crochet pattern by Michelle Crean; Creating Yourself a Miniature Scene; Original paperdoll “Down By The Bay” by Diana E. Vining. On the cover: “Liberty”, 8” porcelain doll by Pauline Bjonness-Jacobsen.
Order JA18   Qty 

May & June 2018 - Wee Dolls for Wee Collectors, Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls by Mary Berry; Enjoying Dolls Creatively by Beth Nance; Doll Furniture from Cardboard by Stephanie Baker; Popular Toys from the Roaring Twenties by Claire Shefler; Hazelnut Sweater for Gregor and Sasha knitting pattern by Karen Warnaka; Fancy Fashion Doll Dress pattern for 11” to 12” Fashion Dolls by NG Creations; Popular Dollses and Miniatures of Years Ago; Butterfly Hair Clip project for larger dolls by Diana Vining; Paperdolls: Polly Paper Playmates from The Boston Post 1910-11. On the cover: 6” Little Bo Peep Nancy Ann from the Storybook Collection of Phyn & Aero.
Order MJ18   Qty 

March & April 2018 - In Celebration of Second Chance Dolls; Meet Lottie – A Whole Lotta Doll by Mary Berry; Little House on the Prairie Dolls (Part 2) by Stephanie Baker; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls by R. Lane Herron; Sewing Project: Slatted Bonnet by Shari Fuller; How to Make a Bunny Egg Diorama; Spring Cloche Hat, crochet pattern for 18” dolls by Michelle Crean; Silver Spoons, Fancy Tea Cups and The Fairy Godmother by Beth Nance; It Takes A Village; The 2017 Sasha Festival, “Forever Young” by Charla McGuire Neal; Pretty Pansy’s Paris Clothes (first of a series). On the cover: Jessica from the Goetz Precious Day Collection dressed in Michelle Crean original.
Order MA18   Qty 

January & February 2018 - Little House on the Prairie Dolls by Stephanie Baker; Dolls By Design, The Legacy of Edith Flack Ackley by Mary Berry; Pretty Penny’s Story by Mary Berry; The Inevitable Question by Eleanor Schiller; How to create a Modern White Brick Fireplace; Amish Made Doll Furniture by Claire Shefler; It’s Yesterday Once More by Leeann; “Heartfelt” for Louise, original pattern by Denis Bastien for Leeann. Original paperdoll “Peggy” by Victoria Christopherson. On the cover: Leeann wearing “Heartfelt” outfit.
Order JF18   Qty 

January & February 2017 - Bisque Shoulder Head Dolls with Molded Hair by Dian Zillner; The Fairy Princess by Mary Berry; Why Hat Stands? by Phyllis Guerrero; Miss Curity, The First Lady of First Aid by Mary Berry; Shirley Temple, A doll Story by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Early Wooden and Paper Mache Dolls Highlight Theriault Auction; An Old Book Inspires New Displays by Claire Shefler; 10-Step Kitty Headband Just for “Mew” by Diana E. Vining; How to Give Your Dollhouse a Stucco Finish; Felt Skirt and Bolero Vest pattern for Barbie; A Collection of Paper Dolls by Adele Floyd; Annie, an 1860s China Head Doll original paperdoll by Victoria Christopherson. On the cover: Ginny, Jeff and Jill by Vogue.
Order JF17   Qty 

March & April 2017 - Pretty as a Picture, the 1940’s Effanbee Portrait Dolls by Mary Berry; TOMY Corporation’s Kimberly of the 1980’s by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Dolls Can Be Superheroes Too, Dolls Based on DC Comic Characters by Mary Berry; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls, Part XVII by R. Lane Herron; Elf Door Project; Classic Dress pattern for a 28” Barbie Doll by NG Creations; Belinda’s Bonnet & Booties, crochet pattern by Michelle Crean; How to Create a Faux Brick Fireplace; Another Year Has Gone By by Leeann; “Kimberly” original paperdoll by Diana E. Vining. On the cover: Tomy Corporations’ Kimberly.
Order MA17   Qty 

May & June 2017 - A Gallery of Bride Dolls; From the Funny Pages and Beyond … The Elusive Little Annie Rooney Dolls; A Personal Toni Story by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Tony by Ideal; 70’s Flower Girl Dress pattern for Sasha by NG Creations; Riley’s Ramblings by Riley Vining; Crochet pattern for Picnic Basket for 18” dolls by Michelle Crean; Iconic Wedding Dresses by Yvonne “Evie” Fullingim; Thrift Shop Dolls by Claire Shefler; Create a Fairy Garden in a Crate. Original paperdoll, “A Fifties Trousseau” by Yvonne Fullingim. On the cover: Mirella, Grand Jeweled Gypsy Bride, 24” bisque porcelain doll by Cindy McClure for the Ashton-Drake Galleries.
Order MJ17   Qty 

July & August 2017 - Amelia Earhart & Friends – Dolls Representing Early Women of Flight by Mary Berry; Galoob’s Baby Face Dolls of Mel Birnkrant by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls, Part XVIII by R. Lane Herron; Remembering Dolls of the Past by Dian Zillner; Prilly Charmin’s Sunsuit pattern for Baby Face Dolls; Where Special Friends Come to Life – The Enchanted Moment Doll and Gift Shoppe; Gather Around for Dollhouse Curtain Tips; “Edith Jean” original paperdoll by Stephanie Hammonds. On the cover: American Girl’s 18” Tenney Grant.
Order JA17   Qty 

September & October 2017 - From Panels to Playthings by Claire Shefler; One Lump or Two, Playtime Tea Sets for Children by Mary Berry; Fairy Collection by Adele Floyd; New Home for Unique Dolls by Beth Nance and Panze Roberts; Remembering Bride Dolls from the 1940s and 1950s by Dian Zillner; Skipper Goes to School, pattern for vintage 9” Skipper Dolls by NG Creations; Walking My Dolly in the 1970’s by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Cottingly Fairies by Karen Hunter; My Oktoberfest Adventure by Leeann; Time for a Tea Party by Jane Easterly; original paperdoll by Karen Hunter – Cottingly Fairies Elsie and Frances. On the cover: Oktoberfest Leeann by Denis Bastien of Affordable Designs Canada.
Order SO17   Qty 

November & December 2017 - I Only Wanted to Wonder, Theriault Auction; Monica, A Hollywood Beauty by Mary Berry; What Can We Do For You? by Phyllis Guerrero; Rooms With a View by Ruth Becker; Keepsake Doll Clothing From Your Child’s Favorite Outfits by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls, Part XIX by R. Lane Herron; Delightful December Dolls by Claire Shefler; Say Aloha to Nanea Mitchell; Piece of Cake – Dolly Dessert Project by Diana E. Vining; Holiday Coloring Page by Diana E. Vining; A Subscriber Shares; The Elf on the Shelf – Not Just for Christmas Anymore by Mary Berry; Posable Holiday Elf – A jointed paper doll by Melissa Smith. On the cover: 28” Nellie from the Theriault Summer Auction.
Order ND17   Qty 

November & December 2016 - Donna Raye’s Dolls by Michelle Crean; Don’t Just Lie There – Do Something (The Baby Dolls of the 1960s) by Mary Berry; Still More About the Elite World of Paper Dolls, Part XVI by R. Lane Herron; Summers With Grandma – The 2016 Sasha Festival by Charla McGuire Neal; Festive Elf Door Projects; Dolly As A Gift; American Girls (Dolls) Remember by the Schiller daughters; 1962, My Favorite Childhood Christmas by Patricia Corte Rooney; Ribbons and Roses, Vintage Ginny and Jill Pattern of Vogue Doll Company; The Hardy Boys Action Figures by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Remembering the Kestner Shoulder Head Dolls by Dian Zillner; “Kitten”, Madame Alexander paperdoll by Patricia Corte Rooney. On the cover: Lillian, by R. John Wright.
Order ND16   Qty 

September & October 2016 - MGA’s Bratzillaz Dolls by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Mary Poppins Paper Dolls by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Doll Pops project by Diana E. Vining; Hail to the Chief, A look at American Presidents Dolls by Mary Berry; Another Quality Halco Doll by Mary Berry; RJW Doll Convention and UFDC Recap by Rachel Hoffman; Storybook Witch Pattern fits 14” Heart for Heart Dolls by NG Creations; Bratzillaz Makeover by Cherie Kaiser; Queen Elizabeth Reaches 90 by Dian Zillner; Original Paperdoll, “Back to School” by Melissa Smith. On the cover: 25” tall Father of Our Country created by Martha Jenks Chase.
Order SO16   Qty 

July & August 2016 - Barbie’s Supersized Sisters by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Let’s Dance by Eleanor Schiller; The Presidents’ Ladies by Mary Berry; Special Pre-Owned Dolls by Clair Shefler; Riley’s Ramblings by Riley Vining; Dianne Dengel’s Little People by Mary Berry; Musical Automata featured at Theriault Auction; Sill More About the Elite World of Dolls, Part XV, by R. Lane Herron; Sewing for 18” Girl Dolls by Nancy Grebner; Crochet pattern , Sunny Sailor Hat for 18” Doll, by Michelle Crean; My Own Little “Bad Seed” by Michelle Keener; Original Paperdoll, Kathleen, by Laura Tuzio-Ross. On the cover: 10” Moria by Lenci.
Order JA16   Qty 

May & June 2016 - Good Things Come in Small Packages – The Ai Ball Jointed Dolls by Mary Berry; Ronnaug Petterssen, The Artist and Her Dolls by Bodil Petterssen Meleney; Punch and Judy by Nancy Jo Fox; Surviving the Holocaust: The Story of a Girl and Her Doll by Stephanie Strunk Baker; The Silent Friend: Mary Jane’s Story by Mary Berry; Annabelle’s Cozy Post Stitch Doll Afghan, crochet pattern by Michelle Crean; Discovering Petterssen Dolls by Sandy Smith; Original Paperdoll, “Let’s Play Dress Up!” by Diana E. Vining. On the cover: A Ronnaug Petterssen Hardanger Bride.
Order MJ16   Qty 

March & April 2016 - A Quality Halco Doll? by Mary Berry; Elke Hutchens: Contemporary Shirley Temple Doll Artist by Stephanie Strunk Baker; A Moment In Time: Dolls by Morimura Brothers by Mary Berry; An Artist’s Perspective: Q&A with Pat Moulton; Second Chance Dolls; Raggedy Friends Gather in Missouri to Celebrate Raggedy Ann’s Birthday; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls, Part XIV, by R. Lane Herron; Sprint Coat and Easter Bonnet pattern for 8 inch doll; Barbie’s Special Birthday crochet pattern; Beautiful Baby in a Buggy project by Diana E. Vining; Ken Celebrates His 55th Birthday with Doll Castle News. On the cover: Baby Ella, bisque head doll by Morimura Brothers.
Order MA16   Qty 

January & February 2016 - Bottle Cap Bangle Bracelets project by Diana E. Vining; The Beverly Hillbillies Dolls by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Ideal Doll Company’s Flexy Dolls by Mary Berry; The Little Dolls That Weren’t: The Story of May Gibbs’ Gumnut Babies & Friends by Mary Berry; The 2015 Sasha Festival by Charla Neal; Izannah Walker Dolls at The Strong; R. John Wright’s Raggedy Ann & Andy Series; Original Paperdoll, Polly in Pink, by Anne K. Donze. On the cover: Mortimer Snerd and Baby Snooks, Ideal Flexi Dolls.
Order JF16   Qty 

November & December 2015 - Madame In Alice’s Wonderland; Christmas Displays Featuring Bears and Dolls; Cissy Restored; Dolls From The Door of Hope Mission; Florence Upton and Her Jolly Golli; The Thirty Effanbee Historical Replica Dolls; Leeann: A Doll of Many Hearts, Hers, Mine, and Yours by Denis Bastien; Cutie, original paper doll of Joann Braden; Good Things Come In Little Packages; Mini American Girl Doll Felt Coat & Hat Sewing Pattern; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls by R. Lane Herron. On the cover: 10th Anniversary Leeann doll.
Order ND15   Qty 

September & October 2015 - Special Raggedy Ann 100th Anniversary Issue – A Lesson in American Fashion History by Mary Berry; Raggedy Ann and Andy by Stephanie Baker; Cissy’s Hair Care by Trudy Nestor; Love and Memories of Raggedy Ann by Lynn Kollmar; Lori’s Story of Raggedy Ann and Andy by Lori Kallweit; The Elusive 18” Boy Dolls by Stephanie Baker; Raggedy Ann and Andy Bring Memories of Mother by Prudence Billings; Candy Hearts for Breakfast by Jeannie Sieg; Raggedy Ann’s 100th Birthday Celebration; Raggedy Birthday Doll Accessories to Make by Diana Vining. On the cover: Stars and Stripes 100th Anniversary Raggedy Ann doll by Aurora.
Order SO15   Qty 

July & August 2015 - Love Shirley Temple by Diana Vining; Family Invited To Tour American Girl Store; Little Red Riding Hood by Stephanie Baker; Traditionally Costumed Dolls; Dy-Dee Baby; The Elite World of Dolls, Part XII by R. Lane Herron; Love Shirley Temple Tour Leads to Auction; Doll Castle News, Leeann: The Swimsuit by Denis Bastien; The Dyer-Botsford Historical House & Doll Museum; Little Red Riding Hood Sock Doll Instructions; American Girl Loaner Dolls at the Library by Stephanie Baker; Cissy’s Night Out by Trudy Nester; “Edwina Leona” original paper doll by Patricia Corte Rooney. On the cover: 27” all composition Shirley Temple doll in “The Little Colonel” costume.
Order JA15   Qty 

May & June 2015 - Happy Birthday, Cissy! by Trudy Nestor; Strawberry Shortcake & Friends by Stephanie Baker; Collecting Strawberry Shortcake by Catherine Brouillette; Under The Big Top, 2015 MACD Texas Premiere by Mary Berry; Doll Castle News, Leeann: The Skirts by Denis Bastien; Gale Jarvis-The Alexander Doll Company UFDC Events; Dorita Alice original Sundress Pattern; From Playroom to Hospital, The Dolls of Martha Chase by Mary Berry; Original Leeann in 1812 Paper Doll by Victoria Christopherson; No Ordinary Joe! G.I. Joe, A Tribute by Stacia McDonough. On the cover: A 1957 Madame Alexander “Cissy”.
Order MJ15   Qty 

March & April 2015 - Julie, The Greatest Doll in All the Land by Diana E. Vining; Judy Porter, All-American Doll Artist by Mary Berry; Dolls of People On Board the Titanic by Stephanie Baker; Jenny Taliadoros' Magical World of Paper Dolls by Stacia McDonough; Leeann Pattern: The Pants by Denis Bastien; Little Sara, A Sonneberg Taufling by Mary Berry; Two By Two Clothespin Dolls; Sleigh Bells Rang by Anna Vaughn; Bunny Slippers for 18 inch Dolls by Kerri Fiolek; Still More About The Elite World of Dolls, Part XI by R. Lane Herron; Original Annie Paper Doll by Judy Porter. On the cover: "Sock Monkey Maddie", an OOAK 17" resin BJD by Judy Porter.
Order MA15   Qty 

January & February 2015 - 25 Years of Bitty Baby Outfits by Nancy Grebner; There is Laughter in My Doll Case by Eleanor Schiller; Velvet, Cinnamon and their Families by Stephanie Baker; Second Chance Dolls; Five Color Fleece Dress Pattern for Bitty Baby by NG Creations; Leeann Pattern: The Blouse by Denis Bastien; Affordable Bisque Dolls by Claire Shefler; Dolls Auction to Benefit Veterans; The World of Katy Keene Comics & Her Paper Doll Legacy; Original Ginny Paper Doll by Diana E. Vining; Hallmark Paper Doll Cards by Mary Berry. On the cover: Full-body 18" Berenguer "Lily" baby doll, reborned by Diana E. Vining.
Order JF15   Qty 

November & December 2014 - Nancy Drew Dolls and Paper Dolls by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Make Ordinary or Extra-Ordinary Shoes for Your Dolls by Jeannie Seig; Celebrate the Holidays with Annalee Mobiltees by Mary Berry; Make a cozy Jacket for Sasha by Chris Kading; Happiness Is ... A Googly Doll by Mary Berry; Special Summertime Acquisitions by Claire Shefler; The Elite World of Dolls, Part X by R. Lane Herron; Leeann's Pointed Toe Shoes by Jeannie Seig; The Beatrix Girls by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Sasha: A Groovy, Modern Girl by Chris Kading; Raggedy Ann Back Cover Art by Erikla Pierce; Karin Lee, A Figure Skater Paper Doll by Stephanie J. Hammonds. On the cover: " Annalee Pilgrim couple from 1989.
Order ND14   Qty 

September & October 2014 - Subscribers Share Native American Collections; Jody, the Country Girl by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Earline, A Composition E. I. Horsman; New Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Everybody Loves (Camille Allen's) Babies by Mary Berry; Make Mosi a Navajo Dress and Papoose by Dorita Alice; Dolls Representing Native American Cultures; Shared Passions Adventures at UFDC 2014 Convention; Seven Colors for Seven Years of PUDDLE; Leeann is Still Making New Friends; A Tipi for your Native American Dolls by Mary Berry; Native American Paper Doll by Sheila Thurman. On the cover: Lakota Doll at Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Order SO14   Qty 

July & August 2014- Chad Valley Dolls by Mary Berry; Waterbabies by Playmates Toys by Stephanie Strunk Baker; TammyBears by Tammy Hendricks; Subscriber Shares Teddy Bears; Rose O'Neill Kewpies by Mary Berry; Fashion, Dolls and Women's History by Lauren Welker; The Elite World of Dolls, Part IX by R. Lane Herron; West Virginia First Ladies Doll Collection; Riley's Shorts & T-Shirt Pattern by Lauren Welker; For The Love of Paper Dolls by Stephanie Hammonds; Cricket, The Doll That Speaks To My Heart by Diana E. Vining; Fairy Paper Doll by Lauren Welker. On the cover: Original Teddy Bear of TammyBears artist Tammy Hendricks.
Order JA14   Qty 

May & June 2014 - Mindy's Fairies and More by Mary Berry; Let's Play House by Stacia McDonough; Lucille Ball Collector Dolls Part II by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Fashion, Dolls and Women's History, 1900s by Lauren Welker; Platform Sandals for Your Dolls by Jeannie; Days of the Week Babies by Mary Berry; Mod Ever After Doll Dress Pattern by NG Creations; Mattel's Ever After High Dolls by Maria Burke; Junior Doll Lover's Paper Doll and Art Hobby; Festively Dressed Dolls by Claire Shefler; "Little Brown Boy Shelley and Rilla" Paper Doll by Joanne Braden. On the cover: Antique German lady doll.
Order MJ14   Qty 

March & April 2014 - The Wonderful World of Leeann by Diana E. Vining; Fans Share Leeann; Lucille Ball Collector Dolls and Paper Dolls by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Additions To My Collection by Claire Shefler; UFDC Junior Collectors Tea by Marcia D. Woolston; Still More About The Elite World of Dolls, Part VIII by R. Lane Herron; Doll Castle News Exclusive Leeann Pattern by Denis Bastien; The Art Dolls of Elsie Rodriquez Wright by Mary Berry; Subscriber Shares Leeann; "Leeann Steps Into Spring" Paper Doll by Diana E. Vining. On the cover: "Rodeo Leeann", one of the fastest selling Leeann dolls in the line of Denis Bastien.
Order MA14   Qty 

January & February 2014 - Holly Hobbie by Stephanie Strunk Baker; Door of Hope Dolls; The Rochard Dolls; Blue Ribbon Babies; Twice Told Tales, Madame Alexander Doll Club Luncheon; 27th Annual Minnesota Jamboree; 31st Annual Sasha Doll Festival; Subscriber Shares Gene; Second Chance Doll Ministry; Barbie Collector Introduces New Dolls; Tiny Kitty's Fur-Trimmed Coat Pattern by Lauren Welker; Dolls Offer Sparkle of Hope to Veterans by Stacia McDonough; Dorothy Wagstaff, Paper Doll Artist by Lauren Welker; Make Boots for your Dolls by Jeannie; To Mother With Love by Dorita Alice; Gene, An Enduring Star in the World of Dolls by Mary Berry; "Baby Robert" Paper Doll by Anne K. Donze. On the cover: 16½" Holly Hobbie rag doll by Knickerbocker.
Order JF14   Qty 

November & December 2013 - Designer Robin Woods and Her Dolls by Mary Berry; Hansel & Gretel Dolls by Stephanie Baker; Holiday Barbie Lights Up the Winter by Stacia McDonough; The Prairie Museum of Art and History; "Easy Peasy" Bean Bags and Baby Pillows by Diana Vining; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls, Part VII by R. Lane Herron; Yuletide Dolls by Claire Shefler; Milestones For Cabbage Patch Kids and Babyland Hospital; Stuff To Do to Beat the Cold Days of Winter by Lauren Welker; Original WPA Paper Dolls by Pat Rooney. On the cover: Milwaukee WPA Project Dutch Twins.
Order ND13   Qty 

September & October 2013 - Robert Tonner Reinvents Patsy; Patsy Family Dolls by Mary Berry; My Walk on the Dark Side by Nancy Grebner; The Ball Jointed Doll by Adele Floyd; Playthings & Pastimes Museum; Boubon and Bluegrass, 2013 MADC Convention; 90 Years Never Looked Better; Heirloom Peg Wooden Style Dolls by Stephanie Baker; Extra Special Dolls for Extra Special Kids by Connie Feda; All Bisque Dolls - Tiny treasures by Mary Berry; Paper Doll: Patricia & Margaret by Victoria Christopherson; Raggedy Ann and Andy Back Cover Art by Benne. On the cover: New Patsy Doll by Effanbee wearing her School Days Outfit.
Order SO13   Qty 

July & August 2013 - Who Is Dainty Dorothy? By Mary Berry; My Love Of Antique Dolls by Terrie Strohecker; Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Stephanie Baker; More About The Elite World of Dolls, Part VI by R. Lane Herron; Outstanding Play Dolls by Claire Shefler; A Sundress Pattern by Jeannie; Lingerie Lou Dolls of the 1950s by Stephanie Hammonds; Dolly With A Mission by Mary Berry; The Morgantown Paper Doll Luncheon by Linda Ocassio; Subscriber Shakes Hankie Dressed Dolly by Adele Floyd; Red, White and Blue Dolls Showing Their Patriotism; Trudy Paper Doll of the 1950s by Stephanie Hammonds. On the cover: 20" Dainy Dorothy bisque shoulder head doll produced by Armand Marseilles.
Order JA13   Qty 

May & June 2013 - Norman Rockwell Character Dolls; Peachy and Her Puppets Paprdoll by Stephanie Baker; Dolls and Handkerchiefs by Mary Berry; Create a Hankie Dress for Your Doll by Marsha Greenberg; Tribute to Mother by Dorita Alice; Vive Les Poupees by Stacia McDonough; Dolls for Downsizing by Claire Shefler; Let's Go to the Movies by Mary Berry; Sixty Years with Ginny by Karen Brown; Zawieruszynski Beauties; Paper Doll "Best Friends" by Diana E. Vining. On the cover: Hankie Couture Dolls by Marsha Greenberg.
Order MJ13   Qty 

March & April 2013 - Theriault's January Auction; Pet Name China Dolls by Mary Berry; Raggedy Ann Reigns Supreme for the Holidays; Bonnie's Bundles by Bonnie Watters; Discovering Penny Brite by Stephanie Baker; More About the Elite World of Dolls, Part V by R. Lane Herron; Getting Creative by Mary Berry; Baby Leona pattern to make a doll's doll by Bonnie Bundles; Welcome Marsha Greenberg; Princess Diana Doll Exhibit; Dolls Remain Useful at the Morgan Doll Museum; Goldilocks, original paper doll by Benne. On the cover: Antique dolls Max and Moritz of Kammer and Reinhardt that realized $50,000 at recent Theriault auction.
Order MA13   Qty 

January & February 2013 - Dolls Enjoying Winter; Uniquely English by Francine Briggs; Heritage Characters Crafted by Pat Baker; Mattel's Small Talk and Small Walk Dolls by Stephanie Baker; Toni "Ice Skater" Pattern by Mary Hayden; Jane's Doll Story by Jane Austin Kilko; Dear and Desirable Cloth Dolls by Claire Shefler; Two By Two Clothespin Dolls, Anna and Adele; A Few Words About "Toni" from Robert Tonner; Will The Real Toni Doll Please Stand Up by Mary Berry; Hitty Rose, original paper doll by Julie DeGroat. On the cover: Sasha doll Janie, all-original C1, ca. 1959, unmarked.
Order JF13   Qty 

November & December 2012 - The Art of Maggie Iacono by Mary Berry; "All Dolled Up" for Christmas by Helaine and Ted Eckstein; Doll With A Heart by Jean Schmidt; Christmas Dolls by Claire Shefler; A Doll's Quilt by Pat Austin; Toy Presidents Action Figures by Diana Vining; Second Chance Dolls by Mary Berry; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls, Part IV by R. Lane Herron; Growing Up With Ginny by Pat Raub; Madame Alexander Alice in Wonderland Dolls by Stephanie Baker; International Dolls by Stacia McDonough; Alice in Wonderland paper doll by Carol Fairchild. On the cover: 16½" tall felt dolls, Peter and the Wolf by Maggie Iacono.
Order ND12   Qty 

September & October 2012 - Special Kish Dolls Issue - Kish & Company 2012 Dolls; Helen Kish, Doll Artist Extraordinaire by Mary Berry; Fire Flies Doll Club Celebrates 10th Anniversary by Karen Brown; The Doctor Is In by Stacia McDonough; Books About Dolls by Stephanie Baker; A Gown for "Raven" pattern by Jeannie; Mattel's "Saucy" by Stephanie Baker; The Great Wonder Dolls by Ellie Schiller; Helen Kish: A Jewell in My Doll (Friend) Collection; Winning the West, 2012 MADC Convention by Mary Berry; Subscriber Shares Ginny Dolls; Original paper doll by Helen Kish. On the cover: Olivia Primavera, 2012 Kish & Co. sculpt with 13 points of articulation.
Order SO12   Qty 

July & August 2012 - A Special Terri Lee Issue - Terri Lee's Story by Claire Shefler; Terry Lee Today; Corduroy ... Is It Really a Terri Lee Fabric by Dennis Ross; A New Color Discovered by Dennis Ross; Sandy's Terri Lee Museum by Sandy Dorsey; The Many Looks of Effanbee's Little Lady by Mary Berry; Premier Doll Study Club of Illinois; Pattern for Terri Lee by Mary Hayden; Terri Lee Family Furniture by Mary Berry; Doll Study Club of Barnegat Bay, NJ; Remembering Carol Hoyt; Travel Dolls by Pat Dutchman; Make A Hobby Horse for a 10"-12" doll by Jeannie; What A Doll, "Ginny", Part II by Stephanie Baker; President's First Ladies at Little Falls Railroad and Doll Museum; Patriotic Paper Dolls from the 1940's Era; Maggie's Memories by Margaret and Dennis Haire; "Carol" Paper Doll by Diana Vining; Raggedy Ann and Andy Back Cover Art by Beverly Wing. On the cover: Terri Lee "Summer by the Sea".
Order JA12   Qty 

May & June 2012 - Friends of Raggedy Ann by Helaine Eckstein; What A Doll, "Ginny", by Stephanie Baker; The Little Doll That Crossed The Wall, ARI Puppen by Jonathan Green; A Doll Named Judy by Judith Wainright; Furniture Your Dolly Will Love by Mary Berry; Still More About The Elite World of Dolls, Part III by R. Lane Herron; The Grand Dame of Doll Shoppes, Arlene Shapiro by Stacia McDonough; A Message From Vogue Doll Company; Ginny Wedding Gown pattern by NG Creations; "Crazy Over Modern Dolls" First Annual Luncheon; Delaware Valley Doll Club Holiday Party; Happy 60th Ginny by Karen Brown; Doll Study Club of Long Island; Tutti, Todd and Kelly by Lisa Kiernan; Subscriber Sharing Their Dolls; Ginny Travels in Style by Karen Brown; "Scooter" Paper Doll by Joanne Braden; Raggedy Ann and Andy Back Cover Art by Diana Vining. On the cover: Simply Elegant vintage Jill and Ginny.
Order MJ12   Qty 

March & April 2012 - Babies by Kellie Rachel Beckett by Dorita Alice; Hearts For Hearts Girls Dolls from Playmate Toys; A Little Conversation with a Topsy Turvy by Ellie Schiller; Alabama Indestructible Baby by Suanne Blalock; Celebrations, Third Annual R. John Wright Convention; Ruthie, A Family Treasure by Mary Berry; Mattel's Skipper from Child to Teen, Part II by Stephanie Baker; The Madame Alexander Spectacular by Stacia McDonough; Desirable Baby and Toddler Dolls by Claire Shefler; Easter Dress pattern for Tutti by NG Creations; Just For Fun ... Color and Cut Jumeau Paper Doll; Presidential First Ladies at Home in Princeton by Stacia McDonough; Subscribers Sharing Their Dolls; Oh Baby! Is That A Doll by Diana Vining; 1937 Fashion Paper Doll by Patricia Corte Rooney; Raggedy Ann and Andy Back Cover Art by Erika J. Pierce. On the cover: "In Your Easter Bonnet", 8" bent knee Wendy by Madame Alexander.
Order MA12   Qty 

January & February 2012 - Celebrity Dolls by Mary Berry; Barbie and Ken Spring Break 1961 by A. Glenn Mandeville; A Rag Doll That Has Linked Generations, Part II by Stephanie Baker; Marie Osmond Dolls' 20th Anniversary Event by Martha Source; Mattel's Skipper from Child to Teen, Part I by Stephanie Baker; In Memoriam, Elsa Rajic; Four O'clock Tea with The Castle Howard Dolls by Stacia McDonough; Deborah Pope, Her Life & Times by R. Lane Herron; Cases, Cases and More Cases by Lisa Kiernan; No Doll Left Behind by Diana Vining; Subscribers Sharing Their Raggedy Dolls; "Ragsy", a Paper Doll by Diana Vining; Raggedy Ann and Andy Back Cover Art by David Baker. On the cover: Mattel's Lucy and Ricky Gift Set dolls from the "I Love Lucy" series.
Order JF12   Qty 

November & December 2011 - The Victorian Dollhouse by Stephanie Hammonds; Santa Dolls by Patricia Davis That Portray Action and Humor; Sasha Doll Festival 2011 by Shari Sams; Summer Doll Show; First Lady Michelle Obama Dress of Audrey Montella by Paula Childress; The Third Raggedy Friendship Gathering; The Great American Dollhouse Museum by Stephanie Baker; A Rag Doll That Has Linked Generations, Part I by Stephanie Baker; "Tutti" Angel Dress Pattern by NG Creations; The New Dolls of 35 Years Ago; All That Glitters is Goldsborough by Stacia McDonough; Artist Trading Cards by Raggedy Ann Friends; Christmas Memories from Lee Middleton; "Mari", A Ballet Paper Doll by Stephanie Hammonds; Raggedy Ann and Andy Back Cover Art by Joni Gurelle. On the cover: Chef Santa by Patricia Davis.
Order ND11   Qty 

September & October 2011 - Madame Alexander Doll Club Convention by Mary Berry; Giggles by Stephanie Baker; Cabbage Patch Kids Return to the Small Screen by Stacia McDonough; Fire-Flies Convention by Karen Brown; Two by Two Clothespin Doll "Eliza"; The Design Contest at MADC by Mary Berry; Pattern for 18" Giggles Doll by Pat Baker; Madame Alexander Storybook Couples by Stephanie Baker; Direct From Deutschland, It"s "Mecki" Mania by Stacia McDonough; Subscriber Mary Poole Shares Her Steiff Dolls; Making Needle Felting Character Dolls by Lori Kompa; What Is A Good Doll? by Lorraine Bennett; Paper Doll by Laura Tuzio Ross; Raggedy Ann and Andy Back Cover Art by Diana Vining. On the cover: Celebration Scootles Twins by R. John Wright.
Order SO11   Qty 

July & August 2011 - England's Newly Crowned Duchess of Cambridge by Stacia McDonough; Red, White and Blue Dolls; American Girl Program at Pulaski County Library by Stephanie Baker; Dolls From the 1950's by Claire Shefler; When My Grandmother Was Young by Heidi Mortensen; Dolls In Uniform by Mary Berry; A Groovy 4th of July Pattern by NG Creations; Glenda Rolle's Castaways by R. Lane Herron; Second-Hand Treasures by Stephanie Hammonds; Subscribers Sharing Their Hitty Dolls; Barbie By Any Other Size by Stephanie Baker; Paper Doll by Janie McQuillan. On the cover: 9" Izzie Frizzie Dress Up Doll.
Order JA11   Qty 

March & April 2011 - Museum Receives A Doll-Lightful Donation by Stacia McDonough; Aren't We All Just Kids at Heart?; Mary Poppins, the Perfect Nanny by Stephanie Baker; My Diversified Collection by Claire Shefler; Tulip Bib for your Baby Doll by Dorita Alice; Two By Two Clothespin Dolls by Dorothy Gaither; Paper Craft, Little Citizens of the World, Jointed Toy, Cherry Blossom from Japan, circa 1924; Oriental Paper Doll to Make by Benne; The Girls' Doll Festival by Leona Fox; Subscribers Sharing Oriental Dolls; Oriental Patsy Paper Doll by Benne. On the cover: 12" handmade porcelain doll from Shanghai, China, by Riren Craftwork.
Order MA11   Qty 

January & February 2011 - America Flips for Flossie Flirt by Stacia McDonough; Barbie's Career in the Field of Medicine by Stephanie Baker; A Dress for a Bisque Shoulder Head Nippon Boll by Jeannie; Brenda Gehl by R. Lane Herron; Dolls We Got To See in '83; Sasha Doll Festival 2010 by Shari Sams; Brownie Troop Introduced to Doll Collecting by Mary Berry; Just for Fun Flossie Flirt; Flossie Flirt Advertisements from Sears, Roebuck Catalogs; Subscribers Sharing Nurse Dolls; Sasha Paper Doll by Shari Sams. On the cover: Royal Doll L.E.
Order JF11   Qty 

November & December 2010 - Ballerina Dolls through the Ages; Catch A Dream With Wanda Lee Peacock by Stacia McDonough; Kish & Company 2010 Gathering; Rockin' With Barbie in Cleveland by A. Glenn Mandeville; Remembering Native American Dolls of June Goodnow; Native American Dolls by Stephanie Baker; " Stacie's Christmas Dress Pattern by NG Creations; "Just Dance" by Berdine Creedy; Subscribers Sharing Native American Dolls; The Holiday Ballerina Doll by Stephanie J. Hammonds; Original Paperdoll by Stephanie J. Hammonds. On the cover: "Sacred Dancer" by Native American Indian doll artist Denise McMillan (Paradise Galleries).
Order ND10   Qty 

September & October 2010 - Kymberil Durden: Keeper of the Angels by Stacia McDonough; The Plainview Klown Doll Museum; Little Debbie Style Dolls by Stephanie Baker; 50 Dolls Come Alive; Kelly as Little Red Riding Hood pattern by HG Creations; Reviewing Favorites from 1984 by Claire Shefler; Stringing a Jeannie Walker by Cece Goin; Fire-Flies 2010 Golden Age of Dolls Convention by Karen Brown; Patsyette Paper Doll by Tracy Williams; Ginny and Friends Going to School; Cissy Cowl Neck Sheath knitting pattern to fit Gene by Priscilla Baker. On the cover: "Floral Revelry" Shea by Kish & Company 2010.
Order SO10   Qty 

July & August 2010 - The Beauty of Lace Drape Dolls by Stephanie J. Hammonds; Joyce Patterson's Fabricimages by R. Lane Herron; Boy Dolls Rule in My Collection; A Special Doll by Sarah Niemela; A Young Man's Fancy by Linda Greenfield; Shackman Dolls; The Toni Doll; Pattern for " Boy Doll by Rosemarie Ionker; Boy Doll Gallery; Rochester Re-Visited; Cole and Noah's First Birthday Paperdolls by Diana E. Vining; Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Doll Exhibit. On the cover: Diamond Doll Designs' Birthstone Dolls.
Order JA10   Qty 

May & June 2010 - Enchanted Bride Doll Collection; Ruth Gibbs Godey;s Lady Book Dolls by Laurie McGill; The Enchanting World of Stephanie Blythe; Secrets Revealed (dressing Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls); Black Paper Dolls Illustrative Perceptions (Part II) by Debbie Garrett; Dolls Helping Veterans; Elizabeth's Barbie Collection; Ruth Gibbs Paper Doll by Patricia Corte Rooney. On the cover: "Enchanted Fantasy" Bride Doll by Nene Thomas (Ashton-Drake Galleries).
Order MJ10   Qty 

March & April 2010 - Snow White Precious Moments Figurines; Remembering Sheila Wallace by R. Lane Herron; My Pre-Loved Baby Dolls by Claire Shefler; Snow White Dolls by Stephanie Baker; Jessica Uradoyl Paperdoll by Eileen Hoppe; Black Paper Dolls Illustrative Perceptions (Part I) by Debbie Garrett; The Wondrous World of Stevi T.; Coloring Page by Diana E. Vining. On the cover: "Peach Parfait Ginny" from the Vogue Doll Company line of 2009, designed by Diana E. Vining.
Order MA10   Qty 

January & February 2010 - First Ladies of the White House by Joan Cigler; Sasha Visits the Genesee Valley; Dolly Surprise Magic Hair Dolls by Stephanie Baker; Sasha's Alpine Adventure Paperdoll by Carol Ann Sliwka; Sasha Morgenthaler's Dolls for Everyone by Debbie Garrett; Storybook Land Exhibit; Christine Villari's Boudoir Babies by R. Lane Herron; A Wonderful Sasha Doll Collection; Ellowyne Elegance pattern (dress) by Candi Hampton; Ellowyne Cape and Muff to crochet by Cherie Kaiser; Spotlight on a Porcelain Pioneer: Boleslaw Cybis. On the cover: Sasha Baby (512S), Baby Bear.
Order JF10   Qty 

November & December 2009 - New American Girl Doll, Rebecca Rubin; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls, Part II by R. Lane Herron; Bedtime On The Night Before Christmas by Claire Shefler; World Wide Doll Club by Loretta Nardone; Santa Peddler Doll by Polly Hackett-Morey; Russian Matryoskha Dolls by Rhett Ertl; Samantha's 1st Christmas Paperdoll by Diana E. Vining; Welcome To The Doll House by Stacia McDonough; Remembering Steffie, Part II by Stephanie Baker; "Little Edwina" Travel Doll Adventures; Coats and Dresses From the Early 1900's; From Stacia With Love by Christina Edson; Pages From Sears Christmas Catalogue of 30 Years Ago. On the cover: 18" American Girl doll Rebecca Rubin.
Order ND09   Qty 

September & October 2009 - 60th Annual UFDC Convention, Publisher's Preview; The Broom That Didn't Fly, But Should Have by Jean Plank; The Faceless Doll by JB Hamilton Queen; Instructions for Making a Cornhusk Doll; Reina Mia Brill's Fancies Recreating Childhood by R. Lane Herron; Maple Leaf Fairy Craft Project by Heather Bell Henry; R. John Wright's "Springtime Frolics" by Laurie W. McGill; Designer Costuming Secrets by Joan Chiara Cigler; P.J. and Steffie: Barbie's Pals, Part I by Stephanie Baker; Toddler Baby of the 1950's Paper Doll by Judy Conroy; Barbie at 50! A Special Report by A. Glenn Mandeville; Snip ‘n Tuck by Maria Burke; Fire-Flies 2009 Convention by Karen Brown; Victorian Dollhouse Paper Dolls; Doll Wigs and the Materials Used to Create Them by Louise Sleeter. On the cover: "Rebecca", first piece in the Kate Greenaway Series, R. John Wright Convention souvenir doll.
Order SO09   Qty 

July & August 2009 - How to Clean a Composition Doll by Louise Sleeter; Deanna Hogan's Blue Heron Dolls by R. Lane Herron; Storybook Dolls from Doll Maker & Friends; Interview with Artist Linda Rick of Doll Maker & Friends; The Dolls of Dewees Cochran; A Life's Legacy by Diana E. Vining; Sharing a Few Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls; The Pop Apart Fashion Model by Maria Burke; Flatsy: She's Flat and That's That by Madonna Christensen; Goldilocks and Baby Bear, Let's Dance; Goldilocks Paperdoll by Carol Fairchild; Effanbee Storybook Series 1976 by Stephanie Baker; Joan Benzell's Storybook Dolls; Riley and Friends Doll Display; Madame Alexander's Favorite Dolls by A. Glenn Mandeville. On the cover: Little Women Dolls.
Order JA09   Qty 

May & June 2009 - New Celebrity Dolls from Madame Alexander; Dr. Bissot's Splendid Doll Collection by Claire Shefler; Happy Birthday Barbie News; Another Conversation With Kathy and Janet Lennon; Golden Girls of Hollywood: Shirley, Deana and Margaret by Louise Sleeter; Baby Doll Memories by Stephanie Hammonds; Bonnie Sue, a Paper Doll by Stephanie Hammonds; Shirley Temple Dolls of the 1980's by Stephanie Baker; 2009 Barbie Dolls; The Charm of Girl Scout Dolls by Madonna Christensen; Cleveland Doll Club and Junior Member Meeting; Sarah Stuart-Maldonado's Fashion Parade by R. Lane Herron; The Woodland Fairies' Ball, A Fun Page by John Lemos; Tiny Tears Pages from 1957 American Character Catalogue; Hair Restoration by Cece Goin. On the cover: Janet Lennon Doll by Effanbee wearing June Bug outfit.
Order MJ09   Qty 

March & April 2009 - Heidi Plusczok and Her Dolls by Leona Fox; Still More About the Elite World of Dolls by R. Lane Herron; Dollar Dolls by Claire Shefler; A Victorian Holiday in Cape May, New Jersey by Joan Benzell; Somewhere Over The Dollhouse Rainbow by Stephanie Baker; Edie May: Dressing Like Dolly Paperdoll by Diana E. Vining; Happy 50th Barbie by A. Glenn Mandeville; Sharing and Caring: Presenting Favorite Black Dolls; Sarah Niemela, Her Dolls an Extension of Her Life; Sami Jo, Little Black Cloth Doll by Julie Marcotte; Fashion Illustrations from McCall's Magazine, April 1920; Mattel Delivered in 1983; Friedericy Dolls, A Family Tradition. On the cover: "Anisha", a 10½" African-American by Heidi Plusczok.
Order MA09   Qty 

January & February 2009 - Preserving Our Dolls and Their Heritage by Rosalie Whyel; Fashion Illustrations From The Early 1900's; Things As They Ought To Be by Laurie W. McGill; Easy to make Doll Hat Stands by Joan and Ken Cigler; Sasha Doll Festival 2008 by Chris Kading; Paper Doll Dressed for Wintertime Fun by Kim Brecklein; A Subscriber Shares Photos of her Antique Dolls; The Zawieruszynskis, The Foreign Artists by R. Lane Herron; All Dolled Up in Independence, Missouri for President's Day; Four Special Cabbage Patch Kids Make National Headlines; American Character's Hi-Fashion Tressy by Stephanie Baker; Barbie Postcards.
Order JF09   Qty 

In addition to the features noted above, each issue contains all the regular departments and columns such as Appraising Your Dolls, Dolls and Postcards; From the Archives, etc.

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Is Doll Castle News new to you? It shouldn’t be.

Doll Castle News has been published continuously by the Mueller family in Washington, New Jersey, since 1961. A good supply of back issues remain. All are in new condition and contain lots of good, informative reading. We offer them in surprise boxes of assorted issues our choice. They will give you hours of reading enjoyment, whatever your doll collecting interest may be.

Surprise Box - $39.00 - 12 different issues    Qty 
Double Box - $71.00 – 24 different issues      Qty 
Jumbo Box - $97.00 – 36 different issues       Qty 

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